Nini Chronicles Recap

February 6th, 2014 5 comments

Hi Everyone!! I just wanted to recap on the project I did with Lenovo. Thanks everyone that participated! It was a blast working with Aiden on the designs. He did a wonderful job for the final pieces. Congrats to Cristal on winning the Lenovo TouchPC and hope that you will be using it for

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January 23rd, 2014 9 comments

Wearing my favorite  vintage Yves Saint Laurent ostrich fur coat that I bought a few years ago at Paris flea market, I can’t wait to come back to find more treasure this year. One of my favorite things to do in Paris is go to the flea market. There is just no better place in Paris

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January 21st, 2014 9 comments

I’m 15 weeks and a few days this week!  I can only fit in half of my clothes in my closet at the moment.   I can’t fit in any of my shorts, fitted blouses or dresses that can’t be stretch, and of course and my blue jeans. I just ordered a pair of Citizen

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Full of Joy!

January 16th, 2014 28 comments

I did not plan to announce this news until my next ultra- sound, but I’m just too excited and cannot wait!  Yes, I’m pregnant!  It had been 14 joyful weeks and counting!  I’m so blessed that I am not having any sickness like some of friends are having!  I have been eating like crazy! Mostly

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January 10th, 2014 6 comments

Loc took these photos while I was on set with Paper City Magazine. Check out my article here.  I’m wearing one of my  favorite vintage 1970′s strapless velvet dress. I saw this dress at the vintage store and it was a few sizes to big on me and I had it altered down.  The first thing that

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HAPPY 2014

December 31st, 2013 2 comments

Happy 2014!!!  In the Chinese calendar, 2014 is the year of the horse. The horse is a beautiful creature, energetic, bright, warm-hearted, and intelligent.  I hope this year will bring you all the success that you are wishing for, with great health, more power and self confidence. If you want to find out about your zodiac

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Endless Rose

December 30th, 2013 5 comments

I just discovered this line called Endless Rose on Shopbop and it is extremely reasonable. This little lacey top is from them and I love it. ‘m so excited for 2014, For the new year, one of my resolutions is to try something new each day. Have more fun with lipsticks and try out different body

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The Classic Look

December 27th, 2013 11 comments

I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I love it when I find a good pair of high-waisted skirt that fit well on the body. I have always been a fan of wearing high-waisted bottoms. It’s a great way to show your lady silhouettes. Wearing vintage Chanel high-waisted skirt and bag, Forever21 pearl choker, Christian Louboutin

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