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Joshua Tree Guide With Toddler

June 21st, 2017 No comments
For my 31st birthday, I wanted to be somewhere relaxing and peaceful. We looked for a place that would provide rest our for our spirits and our minds. We found the perfect place: Joshua Tree is a gem. It’s pure magic!! It’s only 3 hours away from LAX but it exists in a world all its own. I felt like we were on in different planet!
We rented a wonderful house through Airbnb that was surrounded by nothing but millions of beautiful cactus plants and desert animals. The environment is both stark and beautiful all at once and being surrounded by nothing but nature gave us time to reflect on the year that passed and relax.
The time we spent in Joshua Tree was also amazing for all the memories we made there. We cooked every single one of our meals. We woke up every day at 4:30am to watch sunrise and go hiking in the Joshua Tree National park.
We hiked through the Barker Dam and I highly recommend it for families with children. The short hikes were wonderful for Sage. They were a good length because she wasn’t completely exhausted by the end and she could walk them herself.
During our trip, we saw many animals and I loved being able to expose Sage to wildlife she had not known about. We also went to Keys View to watch the sunset and it took our breath away.
Joshua Tree is in the desert so it gets super hot during the day and is on the cooler side in the morning and night. I packed one cashmere sweater, hiking clothes like lulu work out pants and a few long-sleeved tops. What I wore most were long-sleeved light weight cotton shirts and denim shorts. And bring plenty of water with you no matter what you do!
The house we stayed at that I got through Airbnb didn’t have a pool and Sage loves playing with water. We stopped by Walmart in Yucca Valley and got her a small round pool which kept her occupied the entire time we were there.
For running around town, wearing: Thierry Colson blue tunic that I got at my favorite boutique in Dallas – VOD boutique, Zara shorts, all vintage jewelries, vintage hat, and Chloe fur slides
For hiking, Wearing: J Crew long sleeves shirt, Zara shorts and Nike sneakers
Sage for swimming: Gap swimsuits
For hiking: Tee from Zara and knit shorts from Crew Cut and her little hat is from Zara
Wearing this 1920’s fan necklace, gift from my bestie :)


Sage will be 3 in three weeks, how time flies!!! She is in summer camp right now and loving it!















Great Huts, Port Antonio

April 10th, 2017 No comments

If you come to Port Antonio and you do not stay at The Great Huts, you are missing out!!! The hotel is located on top of a cliff, where the ocean and the jungle meet. The hotel is very exotic, rustic and lush. The grounds are green with beautiful animals roaming around and the hotel is eco friendly!

The hotel is wonderful for kids. Sage loved meeting Issac, the guard dog and Scarlett, the beautiful parrot. She especially enjoyed feeding the turtles every morning. We stayed in a room called Sea Grape and it was perfect for us! Sage enjoyed her small swimming pool and we loved the view from top of the cliff. We felt so safe at this hotel and the staff are extremely kind.

The hotel was founded by Dr. Paul. He also founded the PRM Homeless Shelter in Portland. We visited the homeless shelter and it was heartbreaking for me. A trip to the homeless shelter will change your life. I highly recommend that everyone visit the homeless shelters when you guys travel to Jamaica. Help in any way that you can because we are all one. Gently used clothing, under garments and shoes are much needed here!! You can make a donation and anything counts! xo Nini


View from above of The Great Huts


Visiting the Portland Rehab Center


Dallas Art Fair 2017

April 8th, 2017 No comments

I’m adding these Satin elastic crop pants to the Nini Collection. They are so amazingly comfortable. The color is vibrant and sexy and they are such a fun piece. The pants come with a matching super long sash so that you can style them together in different ways.

I love items that I can use to fit whatever mood I’m in or place I’m at. I wore this to Art Fair and I styled the sash as a cross body crop-top. I tied in the sash in back. You also can wear the sash as a belt, scarf, necktie or head wrap. It will be available next week to purchase and I will make a video tutorial on how to style it soon. Stay tuned everyone!!

Attended this year Art Fair gala. Wearing: NINI KIMONO, NINI Satin pants, Prada pumps, Ahikoza clutch. Photos by LOC



My friend, Matthew Sanchezniniartfair2017-5

Jim Duran







Frenchman’s Cove

April 4th, 2017 1 comment

Frenchman’s Cove is one of the prettiest beaches in the world. It is a special place for many reasons but what I like the most about it is that Frenchman’s Cove is where fresh water and sea water meet.

It feels like a secret place surrounded by lush, green ivy hanging down on every side of you and even swings so you can dangle your feet in the water!

There are two life guards on the beach so it’s super safe. It doesn’t feel like a tourist attraction and no one is there trying to sell you anything! We spent a whole day here just eating and drinking coconut juice. The entrance fee to get in is $10 per person and it is free for kids.

My tips for enjoying Frenchman’s Cove: bring your own beach towels and beach mat. Also bring your own water and some snacks. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Wearing: Desert Vintage poppy duster, H&M swimsuits, Hermes scarf as headband and vintage Dior sunnies





April 2nd, 2017 1 comment

If you know me then you know how much I love Kimonos and Duster Coats. I’ve made several kimonos in the past and I’ve decided to do another kimono in satin. The new satin kimonos will be tricolor.

My favorite items are multi-functional ones-I always want to be able to dress an item up and down. And the Kimono is no exception; I’ve worn this one to the beach and used it over a swimsuit as a cover up. I’ve worn it over denim shorts and paired it with a tee and flat mules while playing with Sage at the park. Even if i’ve worn it all day to run errands or to a meeting, it is the perfect layering piece to wear to dinner.

It’s the perfect item to add to your collection right now since the weather is still changing from cool to warm unpredictably. Hope you guys love these as much as I do.

Ten percent of the sales of the NINI TRIFECTA Kimonos will go to the NINI FOUNDATION to help with the needs of underprivileged people. The focus of the foundation is to help build homes, elderly,  provide rice & noodles for distribution to the needy, provide medicine and diapers for the sick people. Thank you all so much for your support!!!

I will announce the NINI FOUNDATION later this week to give everyone a clear idea of what is it about.

CLICK HERE is the link to purchase the kimono


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