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August 8th, 2016 4 comments

Combining vintage and modern clothing is one of my favorite ways to put an outfit together. You can always guarantee a unique look by mixing and matching vintage items with current trends. I prefer a one-of-a-kind outfit because you know that wherever you go, you are the only one who will be wearing your outfit.

Something people don’t always realize is how multi-functional vintage clothing is. Vintage often works well with modern clothing and it helps enhance the wardrobe you already have. I picked up this antique Victorian mesh blouse from Desert Vintage and it’s perfect to pair back with a classic pencil skirt that I already own. I’m also planning to style it with my vintage slip dress and wear it under a blazer.

When I add an item to my closet, I always make sure I can create 3-4 looks with it. I always ask myself that question before I purchase anything because I don’t want an item taking up my closet space if I can only wear it once. Avoiding unnecessary purchases helps free up space in the closet and the shopping budget!

In the summertime I wear lots of neutral colors. Wearing cream on cream is very modern and helps elongate your figure. A neutral outfit is easy on the eyes, comfortable in the heat and it simply makes me happy!











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