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August 5th, 2016 4 comments

As the renovation of the house continues, I would love to share with you the final products of our white kitchen that I’m cooking in everyday!! Since we have a tiny space, I want something to open up the space and nothing will completes that but WHITE!!! We picked a few slabs for the countertop, some has more of the dramatic veins than others. The one we picked has the least veins which is perfect for a small kitchen. TIP: we took some samples of the quartz home and get a steak knife and run through it, whichever one least get scratches is the winner. We are so happy with the turn out and we are very happy we picked quartz over marble and granite as quartz is modern, durable, stain resistant, and it reduce the opportunity for the bacteria to grow which is so important for all of us. Out look from the kitchen and the living room is out small garden atrium with plants hanging down and cactus. We love having coffee and breakfast out there each morning!! ninispace-3

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